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Record Hay activities

Good morning.  I am wondering if there is a plan to make it possible to record the actions for making Hay?  Such as raking, teddering, and baling, or maybe there is a way to customize my action list.  We grow a hay as one of our main crops in the rotation, and I would love to be able to record the events on a program such as AgExpert Field.


Thanks for your time and consideration.



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  • Apr 11 2018
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    23 Apr, 2019 05:50pm

    Even silaging various crops as a harvest activity.  Would be measured in tons not bushels

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    16 Nov, 2018 02:54pm

    We are utilizing the program to also manage financial data for our pasture and hay as well as crop. Could you add in Hay and Pasture options under crop?

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    7 Sep, 2018 08:00pm

    In the 'activities' section, it would be great to add some haying/refuse activities. This is one of the biggest issues I run into. Ideas would be things like cutting (although swathing works too) but I don't want that to end the information for that field. I want to be able to swath several times a years over several years, without it appears as though I've finished that field and need to re-plant it. Baling is obviously another one.

    Same with things like wheat, bean and corn fields, that can then be baled afterwards for bedding purposes.

    Look forward to seeing the program develop.

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    22 Aug, 2018 06:55pm

    This should be fairly high on the priority list as it is an activity frequently done by farmers.