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Created on Jan 15, 2020

Profit Loss Per Field

Detailed link of the Profit & Loss on a Per Field base. In Profitability I can search the field & it'll spit out the Profit /Loss but wont give me the total field Breakdown like it does if i search it through the Activities page

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  • Guest
    Jan 2, 2024

    I am new to the AgExpert Field cloud version. I am trying to determine a profit analysis for my fields. On the desktop version the reports would print with a breakdown of each field and a $/acre of each input, other costs etc. The cloud version appears to only do totals. No breakdown of individual input or costs. Is there way to have it print a breakdown? Without a breakdown I am not sure if an input or cost has been missed, or applied wrongly, on a particular field. Having a generic $250/ac for input costs does not provide the detail I would like to see. For example, even though they are an input cost, entered individually eg mach repairs, a person could not print two different years off and see if this input, or any input, has gone up or down. Hopefully I am just missing how to print a detail report.