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Option of printing or showing certain columns when printing activiies

As a Sharecropper, when I print out my field activities summary to settle up for expense share, there are certain columns I have no need for, nor do I wish my landlord to see.   For example when I print off the planting operation, I wish to see the cost and acres for fertilizer expense and my seed inoculant expense, but I don't wish for my landlord to see the seed expense, nor do I want it added to my summary sheet.  I now have to give him a planting summary and then cross out and manually subtract the seed expense as the crop share agreement does not include me charging seed expense to the landlord for cereals.  In my canola report, due to the cost of the seed and expense of the seed, my landlord pays his share so the printout works for me in that situation.  The same goes for the harvest expense in the activities summary.  I wish to keep track of this expense for my information, it is not included in my landlord expense yet I have no way of excluding this from the field activities reports


Thanks, Kent

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  • Feb 6 2020
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