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Created on Mar 16, 2018

Planting rates using seeds/kernels/bags

I like how you have it for the most part easy to use.  But if you set up your seed the it is bought by the bag and applied by Kernal it does not work well when entering the activity.   Well its not bad bad but you entering the seeding rate you can do it by acre or total.  if you do it by acre then I enter my 32000 for corn and yes figures out my total.  But what if I dont know for your how many seeds per acre I planted and I want to do it by total as I know I planted about 10.5 bags.  Well I can do that have to get my calclator out to figure out the total kernals number.  Also in the activities page I like how is shows the rate you applied abut the total should be number of bags used not total kernels as the really big number doesn't mean anything to me at a fast glance but if it said 10.5 bags then I know I need that many bags or used that many bags on that field

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    Apr 12, 2019

    I'd also like to see something similar. Rather than the units all being volume have some units that are per item or per unit. For example, I plant 1000 plants of raspberries per acre. I'd like my seeding rate to be 1000 plants not 1000 bushels.