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Created on Nov 17, 2022

Ability to track and factor in other income - rebates

I have received this request many times over the past 2 years. Customers would like the ability to track rebates in a crop year for particular fields as "other income", and have this factor into the profitability report. For some customers it is such an important factor that they are presently tracking separately in excel.

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  • Admin
    AgExpert Field Specialist
    Feb 7, 2024

    Hi, this can be done by going to Profitability > Other Costs & Revenue

  • Guest
    Nov 25, 2022

    I am going to add this extra detail in as per a conversation with a customer: "The feature missing is the ability to track other income, specifically rebates. It’s important to understand the immense size of some farms (in terms of acres in production) and that some are constantly getting rebates from chemical and input companies. I surmise most producers also get a fair amount of rebate cheques on a regular basis.

    I have customers that absolutely need to be able to track these rebates in AgExpert Field, as FM PRO did. They need to be able to tie them to a specific field and allow that info to be calculated in the profitability report. Presently they export the profitability report to Excel and then manually calculate-in the rebates. It is a frustrating and long ordeal to this all the time, and is reasonable incentive for them to go back to FM PRO.

    I see two things need to be done:

    #1- Add a separate menu called “Other income” on the left-hand pane under “Plus”. Here they would have a list of their fields and they could tie other income to individual fields. There are probably a few types of other income, like insurance payouts and input refunds, but the primary focus here today would be chemical rebates.

    #2- Add a new column in the profitability report called Other Income. Here the user could enter a projection for the rebate for each field, OR under YTD have it pull-in the data from the Other income menu mentioned in #1.