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multiple varieties to contracts Merged


- i have two different varieties of barley that I usually sell for malt, so they have separate contracts. This year, it did not make malt, so I sold it as feed.  



- my feed barley contracts require that I enter 1 variety barley on the contract, but I am selling 2 types of barley on 1 contract



- whichever variety of barley that I enter on the contract, lets call it XYZ  (eg. Copeland, say its in bin #1), this is the only bin that shows up when I enter the amount delivered on my tickets. So if, for example, i had Synergy barley in bin #2, and delivered it on contract XYZ, I cannot enter it under the tickets, because Bin #2 doesn't show up, because its not Copeland barley

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  • Dec 5 2018
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