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PINNED Analytics on Field Dashboard
What else would you like to see on the Ag Expert Field Dashboard page? The page currently features Inventory and Contracts panels. Let us know if you would like to see any additional relevant information on the dashboard by leaving a comment below...

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Ability to use the search option when selecting multiple fields while recording an activity without losing your previous selection

Being able to select multiple fields and using the search option without using the selection.
24 days ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1 Shipped

Be able to view contracts by crop year

It would be helpful to view the contracts in different ways - eg. what do I have priced of my current crop? What do I have priced for my future crop? Right now it is all one total. Being able to either make a report or set dates you want to see wo...
over 1 year ago in AgExpert Field - Web 4 Shipped

Add a labour report

It would be great if we could generate a labour report to show: -Who did what and on what fields -How much it costs to employ a particular contact, or more -How many hours they have worked
18 days ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Reports 1 Shipped

Add borage to seed inputs

Please add “Borage” to the seed crop inputs for agexpert field.
19 days ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Other 0 Shipped

Remember zoom setting

When you are manually entering/drawing your fields in, and you complete one, why does the software not default back to where you just were on the map? Chances are that your fields are somewhat close together. Having to rezoom every single time was...
2 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Fields 0 Shipped

Have the ability to print off a map showing all our fields.

It would be great to have this map to give to custom operators, re: spraying, fertilizing, or harvest. This would show the fields to work in , their location, and how to get to the field.
about 6 years ago in AgExpert Field - Web 3 Shipped

Crop planning tool - Make inputs independent from setup inputs

I had a few customers request a change to the crop planning tool recently add Agri-trade red deer 2022 show. Presently the inputs are tied to the actual inputs in the file, and when you make a change to the purchase price for instance, when you ha...
over 1 year ago in AgExpert Field - Web 3 Shipped

Ability to track fertilizer in bins

Ability to track fertilizer quantities and values in bins.
over 4 years ago in AgExpert Field - Web 2 Shipped

custom activity

I suggest you add at least one customisable menu item in the "add activity" list: There are many activities that happen in fields other then the ones listed that a landowner might want to keep records of. Examples are Rock picking, Fence repair,...
over 5 years ago in AgExpert Field - Web 5 Shipped

Ability to add "borage" crop

Ability to add "borage" crop, and it's seed varieties. Commonly known as "starflower".
4 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Other 1 Shipped