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More Horticulture Options

There are a few things that would make it easier for horticulture operations.

1 - Change the field size unit from acres to something linear such as a row. The map would have to accommodate that as well. I have 60 rows of trees and each row has to be inputted as a variety. Another option would be to have multiple varieties/rows under one field.

2 - Change the units under the seeding activity to include non-volumetric measurements. So you could plant 500 PLANTS per acre or some sort of single unit per acre (row). Some one else suggested this for corn.

3 - Make it possible to do one activity and apply it to multiple fields (rows). This is the single best idea I've had. Say I mow (swath) the orchard. Right now I have to manually split the time up and apply it per field (row). It would be better If I could do an activity, state the total time, then have it split up the time/cost proportionally to each field (row) based on the size. This would make the app significantly more appealing for me but could also work for grain farmers. Say they spray 5 fields in a day with the same chemical. The operator says that he sprayed for 6 hours and those operating costs get applied proportionately to the 5 fields he selects.

4 - Auto-populated CanadaGAP forms for fruits and vegetables. I heard this was coming soon.

5 - An activity for processing (cleaning and washing). Berries come in from the field they go into the freezer (storage location) then they get taken out a processed and boxed for final shipment then back into the freezer.

5B- The ability to track fruit and vegetables from where they were harvested in the field to the box they are in using barcodes and scanners etc. Then you could scan that barcode and see when and where it was harvested. Would cost lots and be pretty specialized but would be cool.

6 - The ability to change the profitability report sale price from per bushel to per kg or whatever you state. Under the seeding tab I've changed the harvest units to per kg but it still calculates it per bushel somehow. Just a general flexibility of units would be nice.

7 - The ability to delete customers.

I realize I'm the odd ball out since most FCC software users are grain farmers but there are some pretty seemingly easy wins for everyone.

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  • Apr 12 2019
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