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Created on Jun 10, 2019

Split Fields

The ability to split fields within the season. For example, sometimes when we have special contracts, we split the field into two crops or two varieties of the same crop.

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    Jun 5, 2023

    We just divide by acreage and split by using Field 7 -2023, 7A - 2023, 7B - 2023 etc. you have to change the Year in the title to keep a field name and chage up.


Be able to edit application method for when spraying different blocks of a field on different days. Ex: Foliar 1 Set, Foliar 2nd Set

Useful for those who plant their fields in "blocks" or "sections" to avoid readiness of maturity so that everything is not all ready at the same time. Then there is no rush to harvest everything at once, you have enough workers to do the harvest f...
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More Horticulture Options

There are a few things that would make it easier for horticulture operations. 1 - Change the field size unit from acres to something linear such as a row. The map would have to accommodate that as well. I have 60 rows of trees and each row has to...
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Ajout de sous-division à un champ

Bonjour, J'ai rencontré les représentants de FAC au salon de la machinerie à Saint-Hyacinthe et j'ai discuté de l'ajout de sous-division au champ principal. Je suis en pomiculture, donc j'ai plusieurs zones (champs) dans lesquels chaque rangées de...
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