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PINNED Analytics on Field Dashboard
What else would you like to see on the Ag Expert Field Dashboard page? The page currently features Inventory and Contracts panels. Let us know if you would like to see any additional relevant information on the dashboard by leaving a comment below...

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Bin Locations

When entering Storage locations it would be beneficial and time saver to add numerous bins at the same location without going back out and in again to the same location. Storage locations could have many Bins .
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0

Individual field data for input reports

It allows for a way to catch mistakes, rather than seeing a lump sum aggregate report. The report is good, but the added individual field totals was excellent in FM Pro. An option for selecting field info when selecting report criteria would be ev...
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0

Allow the ability to search a chemical or seed alphabetically when in the spray or plant window.

It speeds up the entire procedure.
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 3 Already exists

Ability to copy inputs to another business

Customer has 4 farms, uses same inputs. Presently they have to manually add the same inputs into each farm business, and it would be a time saving feature if you could copy them from one business to another.
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0 Will not implement

Integrating with JD Operations Data

So you don't have to do double data entry. The data entry can be automated from JD Operations.
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1 Already exists

Seeding dates for crop insurance seeded acreage report

Currently the seeded acreage report only lists the seeding activity started on a field. When reporting to Crop Insurance, it should be the last date that field was seeded. E.g. if I enter a completed seeding activity as starting on May 4 and endin...
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0

Show total available bin capacity

A customer called stating they find it very useful to know exactly how much capacity is left in their bins. Right now it does not show on any reports, and on the storage locations screen it shows, but only per would useful if it was total...
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0 Will not implement

Include seed cert# on input usage report

I helped a customer migrate to AgExpert Field but upon further experimenting it looks like it will not meet his needs. He operates a large potato farm in QC and every year he has to submit reports to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. He absolut...
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0

avoir le choix entre hectares, acres ou mètre carrés

No description provided
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0 Planned

Ability to attach load against grain contract

When hauling grain, it would be nice to be able to attach the load against contract document in the application.
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Mobile 0 Already exists