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PINNED Analytics on Field Dashboard
What else would you like to see on the Ag Expert Field Dashboard page? The page currently features Inventory and Contracts panels. Let us know if you would like to see any additional relevant information on the dashboard by leaving a comment below...

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CSV file for exporting seeded acre report to SCIC

Need to be able to create a CSV file for SCIC to export directly to SCIC
6 days ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Integrations 1 Planned

A place to add GPA/LPA/LPH of water volume sprayed and the pressure the product was sprayed at

This data is just as important as keeping tabs on the weather and the chemicals that were sprayed
16 days ago in AgExpert Field - Mobile / Activities 0

Date filter option for reports.

The vast majority of phosphorous applied in Western Canada is seed placed, as well as significant amount of potassium. Application methods available in AgExpert Field only includes Banded, Broadcast, Fertigation, Foliar and Side Dressed.
14 days ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Activities 4 Already exists

Sort seeded acre report by legal

When filling in MASC seeded acreage report online it is entered by quarter. It would speed things up a bit if you could choose to sort the AgExpert report so crops and acres were listed for each legal or quarter. This is mostly helpful where you h...
6 days ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Reports 1

Would like to see average yield per crop on reports at bottom line.

Instant yield average info, instead of doing it manually.
4 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 6

Add option to create seed blends rather than having only individual varieties as inputs

When planting multispecies mixes or underseeding, the prices and rates we apply are for the seed mix or blend, not the individual species or varieties in the mix. My workaround for this is to create an unknown GRASS variety and put the blend compo...
20 days ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Other 0

Ability to create a crop plan report prior to seeding

An Initial crop plan prior to seeding activity so it can be sent to Agronomist , crop insurance etc. Should include Land location ,acres and crop. Call it Crop plan report .
3 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 6

Remember zoom setting

When you are manually entering/drawing your fields in, and you complete one, why does the software not default back to where you just were on the map? Chances are that your fields are somewhat close together. Having to rezoom every single time was...
about 1 month ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Fields 0

Intercropping option

There should be an intercropping option. It is a fairly common practice. There should be the opportunity to put two seed options in at a time. The program is extremely limiting for us without the option for intercropping.
3 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Other 1 Already exists

Be able to view contracts by crop year

It would be helpful to view the contracts in different ways - eg. what do I have priced of my current crop? What do I have priced for my future crop? Right now it is all one total. Being able to either make a report or set dates you want to see wo...
over 1 year ago in AgExpert Field - Web 3 Planned