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PINNED Analytics on Field Dashboard
What else would you like to see on the Ag Expert Field Dashboard page? The page currently features Inventory and Contracts panels. Let us know if you would like to see any additional relevant information on the dashboard by leaving a comment below...

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Can we get a report of the crop rotation for an overview of the whole farm with every field's rotation?

No description provided
9 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1 Already exists

the ability to apply fertilizer and spray in same activity

can have spray and fertilizer mixed in a lot sprayer mixes. shouldn't have to make two separate activities. should be able to select from your list of sprays and fertilizers under the sprayer activity. just like we can with a planting activity
over 1 year ago in AgExpert Field - Web 4 Already exists

Have a report for inventory transactions

To be able to generate a report of inventory transactions so that you can view changes to inventory. The report should have filters to filter particular crops, or bins, or date parameters or by transaction type (adding, removing, etc). Currently t...
7 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0

Soiltest- Exact location

-Ability to add an exact pinpoint on mobile or desktop of where a soil test was done.
4 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1

crop rotation plan

It would be great to also see the crop rotation plan for the fallowing year.
10 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1

Individual field data for input reports

It allows for a way to catch mistakes, rather than seeing a lump sum aggregate report. The report is good, but the added individual field totals was excellent in FM Pro. An option for selecting field info when selecting report criteria would be ev...
12 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0

Have crop plan be able to carry over to profitability without having to re-enter the info.

No description provided
4 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1 Already exists

simplify spray/fertilizer record input

It would streamline the input of spray/fertilizer if there was an option to select a "tank mix" of chem products and/or foliar fertilizer being applied. Currently it is necessary to select the different products being applied for each field indivi...
4 months ago in AgExpert Field - Mobile 0

More information on Harvests

Add grade, protein, and moisture to harvest activities.
over 3 years ago in AgExpert Field - Web 2

Ability to connect with Libra cart to manage inventory

Ability to import inventory and/or an integration with Libra cart, this came up a lot at the Agri-trade Red deer 2022 show
over 1 year ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0