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PINNED Analytics on Field Dashboard
What else would you like to see on the Ag Expert Field Dashboard page? The page currently features Inventory and Contracts panels. Let us know if you would like to see any additional relevant information on the dashboard by leaving a comment below...

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Ability to generate a scouting activity report

I recently spoke to a customer who heavily depends on the scout activity (depistage in french) to track all of her fields with diseases and pests. She recently emailed us to see if she should generate a detailed report of everything that was scout...
about 1 month ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0 Planned

be able to delete fields or inputs

No description provided
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1 Will not implement

Split Fields

The ability to split fields within the season. For example, sometimes when we have special contracts, we split the field into two crops or two varieties of the same crop.
almost 5 years ago in AgExpert Field - Web / Activities 1

Can we get a report of the crop rotation for an overview of the whole farm with every field's rotation?

No description provided
7 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1 Already exists

Show all fields on one map with my location.

show all fields on one map with my location. if an agronomist do scouting, he could plan a route around the whole farm.
about 2 years ago in AgExpert Field - Mobile 0 Planned

Manually add pesticides

Some pesticides do not show up, so I have to put them in the notes section. This is very difficult when doing our year end analysis. Also it would be nice to search for chemicals by name (first letter, etc) so you aren't scrolling and scrolling. A...
11 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 2 Already exists

Ability to have a crop plan follow through to planned activities

After you save a crop plan, it would be great if there was a way you could push it to planned activities to save the user even more time.
3 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0

Add Baling to Activities i harvest Wheat then bale straw also bale hay

No description provided
over 2 years ago in AgExpert Field - Web 2 Planned

crop rotation plan

It would be great to also see the crop rotation plan for the fallowing year.
8 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 1

Add repair/maintenance cost in other costs, and per field in field setup

As per customer: "Wondering if it's possible to add items under." Other costs" in crop planning tab. Example would like to add "repair/maintainance" instead of entering under "other operating cost" Also is there a way to add a cost for a specific ...
about 2 months ago in AgExpert Field - Web 0